Not Just A Label London Fashion Week 2008 Video

Not Just A Label is a London based website that proclaims to be “a leading global platform for graduates and young designers to showcase their collections, and to nurture the upcoming talents of tomorrow.” Surely not the easiest mission statement to fulfill however after spending just 5mins trawling through hundreds of lookbooks, interviews, photographer links and pages brimming with creativity they seem to be on their way.

One such creative project is their video for London Fashion Week featuring Pedestrian faves Material Boy and Mjolk as well as introducing us to our new favourite Buenos Aires based lingerie label Jane Pain (pictured above). The Video was created as a collaboration between Not Just A Label, video artist Richard Warwick with music by Justice. Check it out in its entirety below:

Only clicked on this post due to the Jane Pain Lingerie? Suss the vid below:

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