New York Fashion Week: Alexander Wang

New York Fashion Week’s favourite fashion prodigy, Alexander Wang, has made his return to the runway with another masculine-meets-feminine collection of urban, provocative streetwear.

The autumn/winter 2010 collection, shown on Saturday, took its inspiration from Wall Street, and featured a range of tailored, deconstructed suits in pinstriped charcoal and dappled grey flannel – the reboot of the power suit complete with cropped blazers with minis and knee-length trousers. Very powerful-woman sexy – not a banker-type to be seen. These were interspersed with some fabulous separates in chunky chenille, gleaming black leather, silk, and (gasp! – could it be?) velvet – lots and lots of velvet.

Knitted oversize ‘grandpa’ cardigans were draped across the body. Stunning silk, lace and velvet cocktail dresses were carefully ruched with precise folds across the bodice. A pair of red velvet pants on model Snejana Onopka were suitably rock ‘n’ roll-outrageous – a fashion faux pas that incited shocked gasps from the traditional fashion purists in the audience.

Some of the show’s most coveted looks include a gorgeous sleeveless, camel-coloured box coat – think Patricia Neal in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and an incredible lace cut-out top worn by Iris Strubegger – the perfect, unconventional beauty to represent the modern woman for whom Alexander Wang creates his clothes.

On the whole, a contemporary and sophisticated collection. Certainly not Wang’s “prettiest”, but conceptually and structurally a very strong show.

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Title Image by Jamie McCarthy