New Dating-Style App Matches You With Someone To Eat Ice Cream With

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Maxibon to make sure you never smash one of their ace ice creams alone. They’ve just dropped a new app called Snackr to make this a glorious reality. Keep reading to find out more.

As a human that’s alive and able to read / interact with a phone in 2017, we’re sure you would’ve seen your fair share of crazy good apps. Ever wondered why they’re worth writing home about? Well, usually they solve a problem that you never realised was, y’know, a problem. 
Tired of seeing Aussies eat ice cream solo, the good humans at Maxibon have taken it upon themselves to create an app called Snackr. Think of it like a dating app for your guts – it matches you with mates you have on Facebook so you can experience some Maxibonding time / live your best ice cream consuming life. 
Brilliance. Absolute bloody brilliance. 
Best of all, you and your mate can get in on Snackr’s best feature: buy one Maxibon and get the other one for free. Yes, you can be the deadset legend who helps feed your broke pal – or alternatively, feel like less of a scab if it’s you who’s generally the “soz brah, don’t have any money” one.
Here’s how the app works:
1. Download the app from iTunes (HERE
2. Locate your ice cream soulmate by inviting someone you’re friends with on Facebook
3. Choose your closest snack joint that’s offering the best Maxibon two-for-one deal
Oh, technology. Where would we be without you and your seemingly nonsensical yet extremely helpful creations?
Head HERE to learn more about Snackr.

Photo: Forrest Gump.