Get In Binches: A Drive Thru In Melbourne Is Dishing Out Free Waffle Maxibons This Weekend

maxibon drive thru south melbourne

A Maxibon drive thru pop-up has appeared in South Melbourne for the weekend and will be handing out free ice creams for the next couple of days. Bloody hell get in the car we’re doing a lap to get a late waffle breakfast this weekend.

The big giveaway is happening at Melb’s beloved Saul’s drive thru on Kings Way from today until Sunday arvo. It feels right to be handing out a different kind of sandwich at Saul’s — a joint renowned for its delish sangas, rolls and melts.

Maxibon’s surprise pop-up is to celebrate the launch of the Waffle On ice cream bars — which you absolutely eat chocolate-first, by the way — that swaps out the biscuit side with a deliciously sweet and salty waffle. It’s really bloody good, and I know this because I’ve eaten at least three of them in the last week.

The drive thru swung open its doors (windows?) at midday on Friday and will be dishing ‘bons out until 10pm tonight. Over the weekend it’ll be open from midday until 10pm on Saturday and finally, 10am until 4pm on Sunday.

If that doesn’t give you permission to have ice cream for Sunday brunch then I don’t know what will.

Hell, buying actual waffles at a café usually comes with a scoop of ice cream so getting it in a little packet without having to get out of the car is simply streamlining the process, right? I’ll just gonna tell myself that when I’m doing my third visit in two days this weekend.

So get in the car binches, because we’re absolutely going for a roll down to South Melb to score a sweet treat this weekend.