The Multiverse Birthed A New Maxibon Flavour (Yum) But It’s Inspired By Pickle Rick (Gross)

Nothing sounds more revolting than pickle-flavoured ice cream. So it’s just as well the new Pickle Rick Maxibon is actually mint-flavoured, hey.

It’s yet one more delicacy for Rick and Morty die-hards to obsess over, and one more scrumptious Maxibon flavour for the rest of us.

The flavour is supposed to coincide with the airing of Rick and Morty season 5, but thankfully we won’t have to wait until June to try it.

In fact, these new treats can be copped at 7-Eleven stores in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia right now.

Just please, for the love of god, do not overrun 7-Elevens around Aus like how American Rick and Morty fans embarrassed themselves at Macca’s restaurants over bloody Szechuan sauce.

South Australians will have to wait until July to find them in OTR convenience stores.

“We heard the calls for a mint upgrade and we know there was no better way to launch our most requested flavour than with Pickle Rick,” Peters marketing manager Carla Spadafora said in a statement.

“As pop culture icons and the world’s biggest ice-cream lovers, we knew Rick and Morty would authentically bring our exclusive mint flavour to life.”

Hmm, not too sure about that. But any excuse to combine the best ice cream with the best ice cream flavour will do.

Mint Maxibons are long over due, and its frankly unbelievable that nobody had thought of them already.

The only downside here is that these one are limited edition, so you don’t have long to relish in that minty, minty goodness.