Meg Ryan Is The Bob Saget Of How I Met Your Dad

With sitcom juggernaut How I Met Your Mother coming to an end just on a month ago, wrapping up with a finale that made a lot of you feel a bunch of different feelings, attention is now turning to the show’s spinoff, How I Met Your Dad, which is rapidly gaining momentum. Today we know that it will be Meg Ryan filling the shoes of narrator that had been handled in the original series by Bob Saget, telling the entire story to her kids from the future.

The spinoff follows more or less the same exact same format as the original, but will tell an entirely new story with a new set of characters that has no connection to the characters in the original series. Show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are developing and writing the series, along with Modern Family writer and creator of Up All Night, Emily Spivey.
Much like the original, the spinoff centres around a group of affable twenty-somethings living in New York and trying to figure out that funny little thing called life. Love, booze, and wacky hijinx ensue.
We do know that the cast is looking somewhat interesting, however. The lead role in the show has gone to indie darling Greta Gerwig, whose filmography reads as a shopping list of quirky critical hits, including arguably one of the funnier films of last year in Frances Ha. Among other names on the cast list is Workaholics crazyman Anders Holm, who will fill the role of Gerwig’s soon to be divorced husband at the start of the series.
Will the show get picked up for a full series? Will they try and make lightning strike twice? How do they craft an entirely new show in old settings? Only time will tell!
The pilot for How I Met Your Dad will more than likely air later this year.
Photo: Valery Hache via Getty Images.

via SMH.