Labor Campaign Video Takes Globe-Spanning Swing At “Abbott’s Internet”

We’re two weeks out from the election, and the “Whatever you do, don’t vote for the other guys” campaigns are in full swing. Labor, desperate to claw back votes from the high-polling Coalition, have released a campaign video which takes a globe-spanning swing at Tony Abbott‘s plan for broadband.

Kevin Rudd
‘s campaign team set up Abbott’s Internet, a fictional ISP offering the connection speeds (slow) and prices (exorbitant) that they claim the Coalition’s broadband plan would offer, were they to win the election. They then set about trying to sell the plan to people in cities around the world (like Prague, New York and Hong Kong, and Bucharest), using door-to-door salesmen, street hawkers, and even buying ad space on Facebook. Potential customers LOLed in varying languages directly at the numbers, many of which were dramatically slower and many times more expensive than what they already had, with one woman describing it as the “Worst. Offer. Ever.”

Labor hopes the video will present Tony Abbott as a backwards technophobe who doesn’t even know how many floppy disks worth of internets he’ll need to pirate the latest episodes of Breaking Bad.