Someone Left A Book Filled With Shit On Tony Abbott’s Office Doorstep

And here we were thinking Scott Morrison copping an attempted egg heading was going to be the weirdest political story of the day: Police in NSW have attended Tony Abbott‘s office in Manly after a hollowed out book filled with literal shit was left on the doorstep overnight.

[jwplayer 2DMLfDmo]

The book sported an otherwise blank black cover with the word “Unpopular” written on it, and had had a hole in its pages carved out so the offending excrement could be loaded into it.

Police confirmed they collected the book this morning and it will form part of a “formal investigation.”

The poo book is the latest in a series of street-level attacks on Abbott as his Warringah re-election campaign veers increasingly closer to coming totally off the rails; last week a series of paste-ups of Abbott’s head appeared around the electorate, featuring the words “PELL” and, ah… “KENT” painted across the forehead.

A spokesperson for Abbott’s office issued a brief statement on the poo book, asserting that those who vehemently oppose Abbott in the electorate “went from the gutter last week and they’ve gone to the sewer this week.

Abbott’s campaign is being largely dictated by the policy positions of his chief rival, Independent Zali Steggall, who is campaigning on a platform of urgent climate reform; a thing ole’ Tone has never been the biggest advocate of.

Fascinating times for Warringah, I tell you what.