Karl Stefanovic Gears Up To Conquer The Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race

Perennial Pedestrian favourite, all time legend and triumphant walking-gif Uncle we never had Karl Stefanovic is once again cementing our long-winded bromance by proving that his talents know no bounds. Teaming up with TV rival and former Price Is Right legend Larry Emdur, the duo, along with a crew of twenty, will be taking on the famous Sydney To Hobart yacht race, kicking off on December 26. 

Karlos and Larry Emdur are no strangers to sailing the treacherous high seas, with Emdur braving the race twice, and Karl’s team taking out line honours on the race in 2011, the kind of story we no doubt would have been all over at the time; alas our adoration of Karl at that point was yet to flourish as abundantly as it does today.

According to news.com.au, Karl reminisced over the experience, “It’s all coming back to me. It’s cold, wet and miserable. The start and finish is great but the in-between not so much. Can I change my mind.” I think you know the answer to that, Karlos.

And now, because we clearly take any excuse to wax lyrical about our favourite dude, for your consideration is a recent highlight from Karl’s goldmine of a twitter feed. Someone get this man a beer. A fridge of beer.

All we want for Christmas is to have a beer with this legend, and wish him luck on the big race. Help us Campaign for Karl.

Via news.com.au