Let’s Win Karl Stefanovic A Logie Award

The rumour that Karl Stefanovic was leaving The Today Show for 60 Minutes to be replaced by Larry Emdur upset a lot of people. For so many Karl is the reason I wake up with Today (and David Koch is the reason I like anonymous poison pen letters). Hearing Karl’s manic cackle over a bowl of cereal makes the day seem a little brighter. His random stream-of-consciousness commenting and inappropriate facial expressions put a skip in one’s step. To put it in the words of experts: He’s the human who makes the morning bearable, he’s the human that’s making TV fun again and he’s the human breathing a waft full of fresh air into one of the most boring and predictable time slots on Australian television.

This year Karl is nominated for the Logie Award for Most Popular Presenter and is also in the running for the Gold Logie. The Logie Awards and Karl Stefanovic, together, hold a special place in our hearts after the man-slurring he executed in the 2009 post-Logies episode of The Today Show when visibly piss-drunk from the night before. We want to see Karl win a Logie this year (can you imagine the acceptance speech? Oh the cackling.) and we need your help.

Just go to 2011 Logie Awards Voting website and select Karl Stefanovic in the category Most Popular Presenter. For the Gold Logie you simply select Karl Stefanovic (Today) from the ‘Most Popular Presenter’ drop down menu like so:

It takes about 45 seconds and the payoff is priceless.

Please join the Krusade For Karl that we and other like minded Karl fans are getting behind, sarcastically or otherwise. Karl Stefanovic for the 2011 Gold Logie.

Happy memories:

Have you voted Karl yet?

Title Image by Kristian Dowling via Getty