It was a little over four months ago that our lord and saviour Kanye West first showcased the fifth iteration of his fashion line Yeezy, and whilst we peeped some of the ~lewks~ from the media-free February event, we can finally cop our eyes on the full range via the just released ‘Season 5 Lookbook’, and wait a min, where the shit’s all the clothes?

Whilst Kanye’s previous collections of drably coloured, over-sized garments have been accused of looking like something you’d find in the Vinnies special bin but for 4000% of the price, Yeezy V has gone down the even more controversial path of having no clothes in it whatsoever.
I mean I’m sorry, but if someone can point out on these empty photos of some white studio where ANY wearable garments are, I’d really appreciate it.
Seriously, are there any clothes here or am I losing my mind?
I’m no fashion expert but???? There’s nothing here????
Ok at least this one has something, but I’m not sure what exactly one would do with 15 cm of a fur collar.
I mean, head to HypeBeast for the full 150 items if you really must and please, if you see any clothes let me know? 
Yeezy Season 5 will available from US retailers later this year.
EDIT: I have been informed by my editor there are clothes in these pictures, however they utilise a design scheme called “camouflage”, like in the army.
He’s also asked me to note Yeezy Season 5 also includes some fresh denim jackets, bulky sweatshrits and hoodies from Lost Hill, Adidas atheleisure collab pieces and whatever the shit this is:
I have also been fired. Goodbye.

Pictures: Yeezy / HypeBeast.