Kanye West’s New Streaming Service ‘Yeezy Sound’ May Feature His Child Prodigy, North West

If he’s not already got a bunch on his plate already, Kanye West apparently has plans to launch his own music streaming service called ‘Yeezy Sound’ at some point in the future, and has released his first proposed plans of who he wants to feature on there. Of course, Kanye has put himself on the list, but he’s also got his seven-year-old daughter North West in the roster as well.

‘Yeezy Sound’ has been a project he’s had his eye on for a few years now, after reportedly trademarking the name back in 2017, a couple of years after Jay-Z launched Tidal. Since then, he’s been relatively quiet on the project, until this week.

Kanye shared a roster, of sorts, for ‘Yeezy Sound’ on Twitter over the weekend, including artists like his old collaborators Abstract Mindstate, his cousin and R&B singer Tony Williams, Pusha-T‘s hip-hop 90s project, Clipse, and a couple of others.


Although she’s only seven, North West has already started her wee music career, apparently spending time with her dad in the recording studio and laying down her own tracks. She also performed on her own for the first time at Fashion Week earlier this year, covering four-year-old rapper ZAZA‘s track, ‘What I Do‘ during the Yeezy Season 8 show. Bless.

We can truly only wait and see what kind of music North West is maybe going to put out here, but I’ve no doubt in my mind that she’ll probably end up being the youngest musician to land a gold record or something absurd like that.

I deeply hope she actually records a version of Kanye’s ‘Lift Yourself‘ for ‘Yeezy Sound’, it’d be the perfect debut single from this man’s child.

There’s also no indication on whether Kanye’s gonna pull a Jay-Z here and exclusively have his music on Yeezy Sound, which would likely be the huge draw for Kanye fans. We’ll keep you updated on that, and also keep an eye on this one of the man’s many aspirational projects he’s announced this year. Like whether he’ll actually be able to run for President of the United States.