Isson Eyewear “State Of Mind” Giveaway

With style names like Theodore, Lester, Eugene, Milton and Reginald you’d think Isson’s 09/10 eyewear collection “State Of Mind” was inspired by a particularly musty 1940’s Oxford debating team. But you’d be wrong. There’s nothing antiquated about Catherine Federici’s designs except the nostalgia of handcrafted wares that endure a lifetime and are treasured for just as long.

Combining backgrounds in Industrial Design, Tattoo Artistry and Optometry, Federici believes “Sunglasses have the ability to alter your character and if required, mask the way you feel to the world.’ That is, sunglasses are more than just utilitarian face guards that shield the floating orbs in your skull from the giant glowing orb in the sky. They project identity when you feel great and protect your identity when you don’t (Sunday morning walk of shame, Kebab in hand, melting mascara).

That’s what sets Isson apart, their sunglasses have as much personality as the humans who wear them. So for the connoisseur who appreciates strong, form focused, irreverent eyewear you best snap up a pair here – especially if your name is Theodore, Lester, Eugene, Milton or Reginald.

Pedestrian has a handful of Isson sunglasses to giveaway. To win, email with a creative reason why your eyes need shielding.