[UPDATED] Lara Bingle Loses Eyewear Deal Over Instagram Bungle

UPDATE: We’ve been informed that the article printed in The Daily Telegraph from which we sourced this news was, in fact, incorrect. Lara did take an Instagram photo with the gorgeous Karen Walker shades, however, at the time of her posting it her contractual agreement with ROC eyewear had already ceased. She was not “dropped” by the brand. ROC enjoyed having Lara as an ambassador and would still like to consider a relationship with Lara in the future.

Where is Hermione Underwood and her sound managerial know-how when you need it? The Lord Of The Bings has made another crucial social media faux pas leading to the dissolution of her business relationship with ROC eyewear.

Lara has been dropped as ambassador for the brand after posting a pic of herself wearing Karen Walker sunglasses on Instagram. Part of her ambassador obligations included wearing only ROC sunglasses, which you’d think is basic Ambassadorship 101, but unfortunately was usurped by Lara’s occasional common sense deficiency.

In her defense the Karen Walker sunglasses are quite wonderful.

Screenshot from The Daily Telegraph, August 2 2012

We interviewed Lara at the launch of her ROC collab. Memories…

Via The Daily Telegraph