How Winning Photo of the Year Can Change Your Life

Since winning the 2012 Pedestrian.TV Photo of the Year with the stunning image you see above, Mitchell McLennan has been smashing life. Only 20 years old, this young gun has been out getting shit done, traveling the world, living it up in London and shooting with next level talent in Paris.

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To get you in the spirit of entering and winning shit, we quickly caught up with Mitch to see how taking out the top gong helped him score babes changed his life.

What was the best place you visited as a result of winning the  and why?

The best place I visited by far was Paris – My final destination of the prize. I ended up staying in Paris for a few months, working on some awesome projects with some great people over there and making some lifelong friends and contacts. Paris also eventually kicked my ass into gear and made me realise I should definitely stay close by. So far so good.

What was the most exciting/favourite work you got to do as a result of being overseas?
I was shooting some amazing talent in Paris, but a highlight shoot was one for a magazine called Blast Magazine, a recently refurbished French magazine. The art directors, stylist and talent I worked with were next level.

Post and explain your top three favourite photos taken overseas.
One shot I really loved was of the Lion monument in Switzerland. The gardens and lake surrounding it were so beautiful at that time of year and the actual monument itself was one of the craziest sculptures I have seen, being 10 meters in width and 6 meters tall!

Another shot which stood out was this photo of a man walking on his own into the Swiss forest.

Lastly I would have to say this shot of an elephant getting in my grill in Cambodia.

How has being overseas improved your career prospects?
For me being overseas has improved my career prospects by significantly helping me reinforce what I want to be doing and why. These cities (Paris & London) have a much stronger network of people in my profession and a lot of opportunities which I wouldn’t have necessarily been able to obtain.

What is the most photogenic place you visited?
The most photogenic place I found was Switzerland. Driving through the alps which just kept going, full of snow, and ending up in valleys of green and lakes was just magical.

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