The PEDESTRIAN.TV Photography Awards – our annual nationwide hunt for the supreme leader of the .jpegs - was created to celebrate camera induced pictorial brilliance:

“Pedestrian has created a platform to showcase the new school of photography that is changing the way young Australians are documenting their lives. As much as we love the World Press and National Geographic prizes there was no one out there awarding the guy whipping out his smartphone camera to capture his friend gracefully hoisted above the masses as he engages in a bout of nude crowd surfing” – PEDESTRIAN.TV Co-Founder Oscar Martin

You can enter your pictures in either MUSIC / FASHION / SOCIAL / MOBILE / TRAVEL / SPORT / ART with no limit on the amount you can submit.

The category winners and major prizewinner will be determined by an expert panel of professionally impressive humans, all of whom will be announced once Public Voting begins. Your photographic accomplishments will be appropriately gushed over but ultimately narrowed down based on:

  • 25% Originality
  • 25% Technical Skill demonstrated
  • 25% Composition and Subject
  • 25% Audience Engagement
  • Entries close: 17-Nov-14
  • Finalists announced + Audience Engagement voting begins: 19-Nov-14
  • Finalist voting to conclude and judges to deliberate: 15-Dec-14
  • Winners announced at a booze heavy awards event: 18-Dec-14

The 2014 Photo of the Year will be announced by PEDESTRIAN.TV at an awards party in early December where, thanks to the hotties at canon, we will award each of the seven category winners with any Canon DSLR or lens up to the value of $2000 RRP. The major prize winner will also walk away with $5,000 cash.

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