This TikToker Shared A Hack To Dry Yr Clothes Way Faster And Lord Knows NSW Residents Need This


If you live in NSW and are growing a laundry Everest rn thanks to all this rain keeping everything perpertually moist, I’m here to tell you to stop laying your clothes over your heaters — the directions clearly say WARNING: DO NOT COVER. You don’t need a dryer, you don’t need to pay for a laundromat, there are other ways!

A US TikToker and professional organiser (she must be a Virgo) has shared a video of her fast-tracking the drying process with a towel. Makes sense, honestly can’t believe I didn’t think of this.

In the video Caroline Solomon demonstrated laying a towel flat on the floor and the washed, wet garment on top.

“We’re going to do the burrito method,” she said.

“Grab the base and just roll it up. Then you’re going to press down on the towel with your knees to really wring out the moisture.”

Then you can hang it up on a clothes horse and it’ll dry way faster.

“It will dry in a couple of hours now instead of overnight,” she said.

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If you need a shirt urgently you can speed it up even further by using a hairdryer after the burrito process. But obviously this requires effort and will probably jack up your energy bill so maybe use that hack in fashion emergencies only.

Another trick we’ve found a lot on Google was the iron and towel trick. Does anyone even have an iron these days? Well if you do now’s its time to shine!

Lay a wet piece of clothing on an ironing board and place a clean *dry* towel on top. Iron the towel firmly on both sides using high heat. The heat will be transfered into the fabric which will evaporate excess moisture, without burning your shirt. Yes if you try to iron wet clothes it will be damaged beyond repair.

Good luck and stay dry!