A TikToker Recreated Grill’d’s Chips And Herbed Mayo Sauce At Home & We Can Confirm It’s Legit

grill'd chip hack

An Aussie TikToker has performed the lord’s work and blessed us with the perfect recipe to dupe Grill’d’s famous chips — right down to their herbed mayo side. And it’s been tried and tested by one of our very own writers to prove that it’s legit.

Friends, gather round, for this TikToker has imparted knowledge upon us that will single-handedly get you through the inevitable isolation most of us will experience during this new wave of the plague: Grill’d chippies, made from just five ingredients that you can stock up on at Woolies. We love to see it!!!

Fitness coach Bec Hardgraves (@bechardgrave) shared the much coveted secret to TikTok, with her video now having over 600,000 views. And it’s way simpler than you think.


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According to Bec, you can recreate Grill’d chips with just five ingredients: salt, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and Macro’s straight cut chips. I know that sounds basic, but trust me, it works.

All you have to do is airfry up the chips (or cook ’em in the oven if you’re a pleb like me), toss them in your herb mix, and bam — you’ve got yourself a super accurate dupe of Grill’d chips.

PEDESTRIAN.TV’s very own writer Sweeney Preston tried and tested the recipe, and he reckons it fkn rocks.

“Honestly, if I closed my eyes I would have believed I was in any of Grill’d’s exotic suburban franchise locations,” he said after trying the recipe.

“In reality, I was in my very own kitchen feeling like I should enter the next season of Masterchef.”

Even Grill’d endorsed the recipe, the official accounting commenting on Bec’s TikTok that sharing is caring. So, can we take this as confirmation that the chips are indeed legit?

Bec’s tips don’t end there — the TikToker also found a dupe for the herbed mayo sauce that comes with Grill’d chips: Birch and Waite’s parsley, dill and tarragon sauce, which you can grab at Woolies.


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