An Aussie TikToker Has Just Uploaded A Cookies & Cream Weet-Bix Recipe In An Act Of Pure Chaos


A foodie TikToker named Miranda Brady whose account goes by the name of clean_treats has just dropped an absolute monstrosity of a recipe. In an upload Miranda has titled “Cookies & Cream Weet-Bix” the Perth local details what might be the most chaotic twist to an Aussie staple that we’ve ever witnessed.

Here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we love sharing fab recipes with our readers. For instance, just last week we gave a shoutout to a TikToker who had managed to replicate the famous herby chips from the burger chain Grill’d. But this Weet-Bix recipe might just be a bridge too far – let’s do some investigating.

The first video in question has now been viewed an impressive 1.3million times on TikTok and simply shows off the end product.


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♬ original sound – Miranda

However, this next video is where things truly begin to get chaotic as Miranda shows us all how she came up with this wild Weet-Bix creation.


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♬ original sound – Miranda

For the base, you’re gonna need Weet-Bix (duh), almond milk, sweetener and some sugar-free drinking chocolate.

For the cream you’ll wanna grab vanilla yoghurt, vanilla protein plus a couple of Oreos.

Lastly for the ganache go and suss some white chocolate and a lil’ bit more almond milk.

If you’re in the mood for an absolutely chaotic time in the kitchen or are considering an entry into the next season of Masterchef, there’s a full written recipe available on the Daily Mail’s site.

Needless to say, folks online are having an absolute meltdown over this recipe.


It may come as a surprise to some of you but Weet-Bix isn’t usually a dessert. I guess we do live in strange times…

One TikTok commenter shared an opinion that Miranda thought was worth replying to about the supposed healthy qualities of the recipe.


Y’all to make your own minds up about one. Food for thought (or rather, Weet-Bix for thought).

I think for now I’ll keep eating my Weet-Bix like a normal person – crushed up into a glass of freshly brewed Earl Grey tea.