If you live in Sydney or another soggy city on the east coast you’ll be very familiar with the nasty side-effects the last six months of practically non-stop rain have brought. NSW laundromat dryer usage must have increased 1000 fold this year. But no damp clothes or frizzy hair compare to what happened to Sydney TikToker Jess Davis who unintentionally grew a fkn mould garden in her car.

Davis posted a video last week of the inside of her (very flash) car carpeted in fluffy grey mould.

“I haven’t driven my car in three weeks and when we went to open it today look what we have found, it’s fucked,” she said in the video.

She proceeded to open the door of her Audi and revealed something that resembled the upside down from Stranger Things.

The steering wheel, seats, middle console, gear stick — basically any surface covered in fabric or leather — were speckled with grey. In some parts the mould was so thick it was actually growing into strands. Like how big would this monster get if she left it three months or three years? I looked like it had been driven into a lake in the 1980s and only just recovered.

“I am growing a garden or rainforest inside of my car and I don’t even know what to do with this right now,” she said.

@jessdavisaust So this happened 😳 #foryoupage #fyp #fypシ #wtfmoments #wtf ♬ original sound – Jess Davis

Commenters were telling Davis not to worry from a financial point of view because they’d heard of insurance companies writing cars off for similar situations. Honestly how many toxically mouldy cars are there??

Commenters also asked for part 2, which Davis posted on Saturday. She said her partner put on a face mask and went inside (!!!) the car and cleaned enough of it himself (!!!) to drive it to a detailer to be professionally cleaned.

Who is this man and where can I find one! And we hope those cleaners are ok…

Davis said the car was safe and drivable but that there was still a “lingering smell” of mould.

“Finally is it back to normal, aside from the smell that is,” she said.

@jessdavisaust Reply to @maranuz11 Update on the mouldy car situation 😄 #foryoupage #fyp #wtf #wtfmoments ♬ original sound – Jess Davis

The videos came as a severe weather system moved over NSW, which led to flooding in Greater Sydney, the hunter and the Illawarra regions at the weekend and on Monday.

The rain was forecast to continue in the first half of the week.

This summer was also Sydney’s wettest in 30 years and the city recorded its wettest March *ever*.

The rain brought on by La Niña was meant to be wrapping up around now but nope, guess not.

We’re crossing our fingers for an end to mouldy weather soon.

Image: @Jessdavisaust / TikTok