Hommey’s Iconic Robes Are On Sale For Father’s Day RN, So Bag One For You & Yr Ol’ Man, Stat

Hommey Father's Day sale
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For any of y’all who have recently bagged one of Hommey’s iconic (and objectively gorgeous) striped bathrobes to keep yourselves toasty enough to survive the debilitating Aussie winter (yeah, I’m talking to you, fellow Melburnian bbs), you’ll know just how much effort Hommey puts into its winterwear to ensure it remains top tier AF (aka capable of turning you into a walking burrito anytime, anywhere).

So, in the name of Father’s Day (and giving the old man a reason to sashay around the house), Hommey has decided to allow you to treat Dad to the same kind of luxury with a cheeky spend-and-save deal on bathrobes for the rest of the month.

We’re talking savings of up to $80 when you spend $350, $50 when you spend $250, and $20 when you spend $150. Stunning, right?

Running from August 22 through to midnight on September 4, meaning you’ve got just over a week (!!!) to get your mitts on the comfiest and most aesthetic bathwear in the biz for less. 

Keen to catch a glimpse of exactly what’s on offer? Let us give you a peek. 


With a range of striped and non-striped options in an array of different colourways, you won’t just give Dad the gift of Hommey’s signature irreplaceable comfort — you’ll also give him the gift of matching with his favourite people. How’s that for a two-in-one?

Hommey Father's Day Dad Winter

Robe – Picnic Stripes, $149 (save $80 when you buy three)

Hommey Father's Day Dad Winter

Robe – Charcoal, $129 (save $50 when you buy two)

Father's Day, Dad, Winter

Robe – Sage, $129 (save $50 when you buy two)

Keen to check out the rest of the Father’s Day sale range before September 4? Head here.

Happy shopping!