Give Yr Living Room A Shit-Hot Spring Face-Lift W/ Hommey’s 40% Off Sale On Throws & More

Hommey sale
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For anyone who has been lurking Hommey’s homepage all year waiting for the legends to finally drop a sale worth writing home about — it’s a good day to celebrate the fact that they’ve gone and bloody done it, Joe. The homeware powerhouse has finally slashed a whopping 40 per cent off its slides, cushions, throws and more from now until midnight September 24.

This means a) it’s time to get your room inspo Pinterest boards out, and b) run and get your purse before your faves sell out, bb.

In saying this, I know big (almost) sitewide sales can be overwhelming for shoppers, so I have taken it upon myself to give you a sneak peek of my faves before you dive into 10+ pages worth of sale goodies. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Our top picks from Hommey’s 40% off Spring sale

hommey sale

Reversible Throw Blanket in Pine Forest, was $129, now $90.30

Made thoughtfully in Portugal, this soft n’ fuzzy gal is the perfect addition to any couch or bed end — especially when movie nights are involved. Available in six colourways, I’m sure you’ll find one that goes with your home’s unique ~aesthetic~.

Boucle Pet Bed in Milkshake, was $189, now $159

I don’t have a dog, but if I did — this would 110 per cent be going in my cart immediately. I mean just look at how cute this is??? Bonus points if you have a matching boucle couch or cushions, so you and the pup can be matchy-matchy.

hommey sale

Faux Fur Throw Blanket in Mushroom, was $149, now $89.40

I know we’ve just hit Spring and El Niño has come out to play, but when the nights start to get a little chilly, or when your partner has the air on blast — this furry, soft throw rug is going to be your best friend. It also comes in seven seasonal colours to match your space perfectly.

Essential Boucle Cushion in Latte, was $89, now $53.40

I’m a big believer in stocking up on good quality, timeless investment pieces where possible, so you can get years, if not decades, out of your purchases. These cushions are no different. Made to strike the perfect balance between rugged heaviness and gentle softness, boucle is an ageless, long-lasting texture.

hommey sale

Claude Slides in Natural, was $199, now $139.30

Imagine walking on clouds for the foreseeable, except the clouds aren’t just any clouds — they’re soft, fluffy pillows that are chic enough to wear in public. As a slipper and slide enthusiast, this is a dream come true in my books.

hommey sale

Big Velvet Cushion in Midnight Blue, was $99, now $79

Want to add a touch of drama or a burst of colour to your living space? Hommey’s got you covered with all kinds of colours and textures. From this big blue velvet cushion to softer beige assortments, there’s plenty to choose from. And either one you choose, you’ll have your guests wondering the TF you purchased it. Thank us later.

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