Bed Threads Are Doing A Monster 15% Off Sale Right Now, So Time To Upgrade Your Entire Home

bed threads

Cult linen lords Bed Threads are doing 15% off literally everything right now, so if you need sheets, sleepwear, or even a fancy table cloth from its schmick new range – now’s your chance.

The sale is (of course) to coincide with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and lasts until Monday night.

Bed Threads might be known for its stylish and buttery-soft sheet sets, but the brand has expanded into throws, sleepwear, tableware and towels, all made from its signature 100% French Flax Linen.

(I bought myself a set of the Pink Clay sheets a few months back, and have set up a system of washing it in one day so I don’t have to sleep a night without them. They’re heaven.)

Since we’re all homebodies now, Bed Threads also features beautiful homewares from different artists. Right now, structural vases from Formantics, Natalie Rosin and Dinosaur Designs, as well as lush prints designed to match your new linen aesthetic.

Most recently, it expanded into sleepwear, which includes nighties that almost definitely could double up as beachwear – or, at the very least, floaty-around-the-house-dresses like you’re on some kind of perma-vacation.

Need some inspo? Here’s a selection of my faves:

This bedding set (which you can also mix and match)

bed threads

Rust 100% Flax Linen Bedding Set ($250.00 – $340.00)

This set of four terracotta cloth napkinsbed threads

100% Linen Napkins in Terracotta (Set of Four – $50)

And the oatmeal placemats you can match them with

bed threads

Oatmeal (Set of Four – $60)

This linen nightie I would wear for both day (lounging) and night (sleeping)

100% French Flax Linen Midi Dress in Petrol ($140)

This structural ceramic vase

Natalie Rosin The Hour Vase ($250)

RIP my money, but a big hello to the new homewares taking my apartment from okay-ish to chic as shit.

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