In great news for buying yourself treats (and maybe not such good news for your wallet), fashion giant H&M has finally launched an online store and H&M memberships in Australia, and it’s doing a solid 20% off everything to celebrate.

Not sure if it’s just me, but I’m having a wicked Mandala Effect situation here – I could have sworn H&M already had an online store for Aussies, but apparently not.

The launch of the online store means that anyone in Australia that doesn’t live near any of the 40 stores across the country can own pieces from the retailer’s bloody massive range without having to make a special trip to their nearest store.

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Truly, there is nothing that I love more than doing a gentle wander through H&M on a weekend afternoon, there’s something about the unending maze of clothes, shoes, accessories, and just stuff that soothes me. Sure, it can become a bit of a chaotic rat race on busy afternoons, but you’re almost guaranteed to lose a solid hour perusing the racks.

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With the opening of the H&M online store, now I can lose an afternoon flicking through the racks from the comfort of my trackies at home, and that’s absolutely nothing to balk at.

It also means we now have easier access to H&M exclusive collections like collabs with Billie Eilish and Shawn Mendes, and ranges inspired by To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and iconic label The Vampire’s Wife (for some real Nick Cave vibes).

h&m online store billie eilishBillie Eilish X H&M Sweater – $34.99

Alongside the big launch of the site, H&M is granting members 20% off their first shop online or in-store. You can sign up to be a member on the website and reap those sweet, sweet rewards. That’ll come in handy for replenishing the wardrobe with something more than the same three pairs of trackies you’ve lived in this year.

So nip on over to the H&M online store and start curating your new summer wardrobe for all the post-iso seshes we’ve got ahead of us in the warmer months. God, we’re so close.

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