Guy Ritchie Directs David Beckham In Underwear Ad

David Beckham gets nearly naked and a lot wet in an ad campaign directed by Guy Ritchie for H&M’s new Bodywear collection.

In the ad, a series of not-so-unfortunate events leaves the soccer superstar/sex god sprinting through the streets of Beverley hills with a disappearing set of clothes. This undoubtedly results in not one but two close-up shots of his perky backside clothed only by a pair of H&M knickers.

Ritchie’s sexually objectifying treatment of Beckham’s tattooed and chiselled torso, appreciated in every possible camera angle, perhaps reveals a bit of man love happening between the two.

“David is the perfect leading man,” Guy Ritchie told “For me, this felt like more than a campaign – it was like directing a short film.”

Girls, brace yourselves before you watch the clip below. One YouTube commenter announced “I’m pregnant” after watching.