David Beckham Used A Butt Double In His H&M Ad, Lied To Us Through Butts

Drop whatever it is you’re holding right now – unless you’re nursing a precious infant (‘love that newborn smell!’) or cradling a beautiful work of ceramics (‘just stunning!’) – because you need to free up your hands in order to break some news. After making its debutt earlier this week, its been revealed that Guy Ritchie’s short film for Hennes & Mauritz, “Short Film” starring David Beckham, but more specifically David Beckham’s Butt, is a lie. 

A fabrication. An act of perjury. A ruse designed to make you purchase flimsy butt-enhancing undergarments woven by charlatans from strands of untruths on a loom of deceit. 
An imposterior.  
The Internet is being its usual self today – that is, rife with speculation – after keen students of dat ass noticed that a body double bereft of Beckham’s signature ink was used in the ad’s action shots, which composed pretty much all of the art house skin flick. 
Stepping out from underneath the company’s usual cone of silence (this season in bone white, designed in collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela), a rep for H&M told TODAY.com that, sadly yes, “a bootie double” was indeed used: 
“David was very involved in the advert with himself, including doing most of the stunts. Due to his tight schedule, a body double was used in smaller parts of the video.”
Smaller parts meaning parts when you can’t see his face, meaning ass. Also, tight schedule lol.
The news comes only weeks after Beyoncé lied to us through song and in doing so ripped to shreds (with her #flawless performance) the fabric of time, space and all that is good and true in this world.
via The Cut