Are Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz’s Costumes A Ref To *That* Rumoured Beef? An Investigation

One of the most compelling ~rumoured celebrity beefs~ to me is whatever the fuck is going on with the Peltz-Beckham family. In what seems to be a cheeky reference to all the gossip and drama, Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham dressed up as Romeo and Juliet for Halloween. I have to give it to ’em — that’s pretty bloody funny.

The duo got all tizzied up for Tings magazine’s Halloween party.

Their costumes were a clear reference to Baz Luhrmann‘s iconic Romeo and Juliet adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes. Literally every single English teacher’s number one rainy day film choice.

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They look great — but I won’t lie, this is every hot couple’s go to Halloween costume.

As well as just looking hot, the costumes seem to have some pretty clear subtext.

Let me brush you up on this classic Shakespearean tea: Romeo and Juliet is the tale of two young lovers from rival families, the Montagues and the Capulets. Cue: tragic misunderstandings, the phrase “star-crossed lovers” and untimely deaths.

Now of course, the couple are literally married so I wouldn’t exactly call them “star-crossed”. But rumours of a serious extended family beef have been circulating their romance for yonks.

There were rumours that Nicola Peltz didn’t want her future mother-in-law Victoria Beckham to be part of the wedding planning. Deuxmoi gossip fiends also reported there was tension between the Beckham and Peltz families on the wedding day.

It was also reported that Peltz was supposed to wear a wedding dress designed by Beckham — but she ended up wearing a Valentino number instead.

In an August Variety interview, the couple dismissed the idea there was any beef and Peltz said that while Victoria Beckham was supposed to make her dress, ultimately her atelier “couldn’t do it”.

Despite this denial of the drama, an insider told Page Six before the interview was published that the beef was in fact a family affair.

While Brooklyn’s parents are Posh Spice and star footballer David Beckham, Nicola’s dad Nelson Peltz is a literal billionaire while her mum Claudia Heffner is a former model.

“It’s not just about [the] two women — it’s two families coming together,” the insider said.

“It’s pretty obvious there’s an issue between the two families.”

Now that, my friends, is very much the celebrity version of Romeo and Juliet. Who is the Nurse character in this scenario? Surely Baby Spice Emma Bunton, right?

Two households alike in a dignity? In this case, I’d swap “dignity” for “vast amounts of money and power”.

Whether Brooklyn and Nicola’s costumes were a cheeky dig or simply a chance to emulate an iconic film, I have to say: it’s bloody fitting.