Victoria Beckham Said She’d ‘Rather Die’ Than Wear The Crocs Justin Bieber Kindly Sent Her


The fashion world was shook to the core after retired Spice Girl Victoria Beckham said she’d “rather die” than wear the limited-edition pair of Crocs sent to her by Justin Bieber.

Bieber sent Posh a pair of Crocs from his Drew House fashion label. Yep that’s right, there is literally a Croc x Justin Bieber collab and it’s already sold out. Imagine reading that sentence 10 years ago.

The lilac Crocs even come with their own goddamn Jibbitz (if you’re not fluent in Crocs jargon, Jibbitz are those weird rubber charms you’re supposed to poke into the holes of the shoe).

Suffice to say, these shoes are a hot commodity. But Beckham doesn’t give a shit.

“Will I be wearing lilac Crocs?!” she posted on her Insta story, accompanied by a poll.

Ultimately, 57% of people voted no, which is exactly the response she wanted.

Yikes!!! (Instagram / @victoriabeckham)

“Well that was close!” she wrote in a follow-up story.

“I think I’d rather die but thanks anyway Justin Bieber.”

Bieber and the Beckhams have been known to be friendly in the past, and Victoria’s daughter Harper Seven has been spotted rocking Drew House gear before, too.

So while it might seem like a PR stunt gone wrong (or gone right… any publicity is good publicity, right?) chances are the Crocs will end up with Harper Seven rather than in the back of Posh’s walk-in closet.