Gucci, Yes The Fashion House, Is Dealing In Memes Now

The last place you’d expect to find dank memes is on a luxury fashion brand’s Instagram account. Yet, here we are. Gucci have unveiled their new social campaign over the past couple of days, and it’s a doozy. ‘Dank’ may be a bit of a stretch to describe their meme game, but they’re definitely making a play for it. 

The change started 3 days ago, with this lil’ chestnut.
As you can see via the caption, the meme-fest is a collab with artists and various meme accounts, like Beige Cardigan and Texts From Your Existentialist. According to their site, the campaign is a way to saturate the internet with Gucci – specifically, the launch of their new watch range.

“To launch the new Le Marché des Merveilles collection of watches, Gucci commissioned international artists curated by Alessandro Michele to develop original imagery. The images were then given to a new class of viral creators already famous on Twitter and Instagram to turn into new memes. The result is a curated collection of captioned art designed to help viewers express themselves online…As Gucci’s memes spread across the Internet, they’ll reach new eyes and find new purposes. “
Some of them nail the blurry line between a genuine lol, and a smart piece of advertising – like this:

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Some are just a bit…what.

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This one, for example, generated a wave of negative comments ranging from ‘these memes be weak’, to ‘alright this one doesn’t even make sense’.

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Regardless of whether you love it or think it’s a high-fashion abomination, the campaign is generating a shitload of news coverage and global attention. So yeah, guess that saturation of the internets thing is working for ’em.
Image: Gucci.