Tonight’s Bledisloe Cup Match Inspired A Heap Of Dank Barnaby Joyce Memes

Just because the sitting Australian parliament is slowly crumbling to pieces thanks to Section 44 of the Constitution doesn’t mean we, as a nation, have lost either a) our love of sport; or b) our senses of humour/thirst for dank memes.

No siree, we have not.

Because tonight we came together to watch men much stronger and fitter than ourselves battle it out with New Zealand in the first Bledisloe Cup match of this year, and yeah, we were trounced: 54-34. But considering we were down 40-6 at half-time, it’s not such a bad effort from the Wallabies.

But you see, we here on the internet are entrepreneurs, thought leaders, even – we see opportunities for LOLs and we take them, fuck the consequences.

Not that there are really any consequences for Aussies coming together online to create and share dank memes around the theme of: ‘Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is actually a Kiwi, and is probably supporting the All Blacks‘.

And to think, it all started with just a handful of people asking who Barnaby bbz was supporting in tonight’s match… It seems so long ago now.