We live in a ridiculous time for politics. A truly, truly fkn ridiculous time.

In this clip from an episode of ‘Insiders’ shows Dennis Atkins explaining to Barrie Cassidy what a ‘dank meme’ is. Because political groups keeping confusing the living hell out of the baby boomers by posting #AusPol memes on social media. 

“Why is that frog on a unicycle? Why can’t I ever speak to someone’s son again? Is Ted Cruz really the Zodiac Killer?!”

While his explanation definitely isn’t terrible (he’s reading the definition straight from knowyourmeme), the fact that the current political landscape of our country currently includes the words ‘dank’ and ‘meme’ *needing* public explanation is beyond ridiculous. 

The main groups we have to blame for this is The AMWU, and the Young Greens. Here’s some of their worst offences:

We get it – rope the young’uns in with badly-parodied, barely-relatable memes. It’s extremely cringeworthy, but we get why your head has gone there. Gotta get them kids votin’ somehow. 

But now, this is the consequence. Boomers are talking about ‘dank memes’ on national television. Let’s ask ourselves: are we happy now?


Source: Insiders / Youtube.