To Celebrate 420, Here Are 12 Dank Memes About The Devil’s Lettuce

HAPPY 420! In case you haven’t noticed, 2K16 has brought about some exciting developments on the weed frontier.
From Whoopi Goldberg’s period-pain reducing edibles, The Game‘s ganja-infused lemonade and Canada‘s Mary Jane Nutella to Sydney‘s weed picnic and Victoria‘s legalisation of medicinal marijuana on April 12, the weed community has been frothin’.
To allow you to celebrate in a v. dank fashion on this day of days, here are a bunch of stoner memes just 4 you! 

1. The classic ‘We get it, you smoke weed’ meme.

Source: Twitter / @knowyourmeme

2. The ‘Rihanna loves weed’ meme.
Source: Twitter / @ThaStonerNation.
3. The ‘teeny tiny musical pipe’ meme. 
Source: Tumblr / the-eyes-of-the-ghost.
4. The ‘Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush’ meme. 
Source: Reddit / ImCrossingOver.
5. The ‘trying to act normal in public’ meme.

Source: Twitter / @kaaayyg_
6. The ‘high Chuck E Cheese’ meme.
Source: Tumblr / fukkkres.
7. The ‘dinner table’ meme.
Source: Reddit / Danktank911.
8. The ‘going out high AF’ meme.

Source: Twitter / @greyetch.

9. The ‘weed man’ meme. 

Source: Twitter / @molly_8584

10. The ‘concerned Mum’s P.S.A.’ meme.
Source: Twitter / @ConcernedMom420.

11. The ‘baked pets’ meme.

Source: Twitter / @thinkbri

And lastly, 

12. The ‘your statement is invalid’ meme. 


Puff on, fellow chillaxers.