This Highlighter Is So Damn Good It’s Actually Made Me Start Using Highlighter

I’m not really one for a multi-product beauty routine. Sure, I’ve got my small makeup bag full of the basics – foundation, mascara, eyeliner, powder to control my oil slick of a face. But when it comes to fancy stuff like eyeshadow palettes and cheek products, I opt out. Maybe for a fancy night on the town, sure. But daily? Nah. And highlighter was certainly not a product I used, ever – until this Westman Atelier highlighter that is.

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I’d heard good things – damn good things – about the highlighter already, but wasn’t really that interested because like I said, not really a user of said product in general. But I was working on a wider story about products that can make you glow like a disco ball, and figured it was worth a spin for that. Wow, was it ever.

Bit of a background on Westman Atelier. It’s the brainchild of Gucci Westman – she’s a famous American makeup artists known for her work on celebs for prestige magazine covers across titles like Vogue, W and AllureShe’s a bit of a beauty industry icon, so when it was announced that she’d created her own cosmetics line, Westman Atelier, people were excited.

Their excitement wasn’t for nothing, either. The collection – which dropped into Mecca stores last month – has been copping rave reviews for it’s excellent formulas, pigment, and ease of use. But back to the highlighter – in beauty circles it’s been the most talked-about product, and like I said – with good reason.

Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick, $73

Firstly, the stick formula doesn’t apply all streaky like many do. I found it glided onto my cheekbones, leaving a glossy-shimmery finish. It’s more of a glow than a shine, if that makes sense. Here’s what I mean:

Even that opalescent vibe is enhanced by the light being used in that photo, I feel. It’s less blue-lit than that in natural light. Also, it’s subtle – I had to put about three layers on to get to the level I wanted, but I’d rather that than something that goes on hardcore and requires heaps of blending to get right. Like I said, I’m lazy and don’t use this kind of stuff often, so when I do I need it to be easy to apply.

The colour is fairly universal. It’s white in stick form, but goes on as a gloss.

That’s a very MUA look using the product, but here’s an even more low-key look I found on Instagram that shows what I mean about it being subtle:

And here’s a video of it in action:

Andddd here’s Gucci herself using it in a video – you can’t see it until she turns her head toward the light, and then it catches. This is my kind of highlighter vibe – only noticeable when the light catches your cheekbones.

See what I mean? It’s a dewy glow but it’s not too hectic – although if you want it to be, you can amp it up. You can get Westman Atelier products from Mecca – check ’em out online here.