Kylie Cosmetics Is Sending Out Empty ‘Kylighter’ Kits & Fans Are Fuming

Ah Kylie Cosmetics
The startling successful makeup company that, since being launched last year by the one and only Kylie Jenner, has courted claims of repackaging old lipsticksaccusations of running sweatshops, and an all around “F” rating from consumer watchdog Better Business Bureau
Now, old mate Kylie gets to field yet another goddamn controversy as a bunch of customers are finding that, rather than getting their Kylie-themed highlights, or “Kylighters” (oof), they’ve received compacts filled with a big fat load of nothing.

The company, which regularly sells out of products within the day of announcement, has already been accused of either delivering products in shit condition or simply not handing them over at all. 
But since the whole Lip Kits” fiasco in April 2016, you’d think they might be able to up their game. Maybe hire someone to ensure products are packaged correctly, and the special-edition packs are different enough to warrant the 200% upsell. 
Or even for Kylie Cosmetics to just do the bare minimum of, y’know, providing the goods and services they have been paid for.

As is the nature of these kind of corporate fuck-ups, the best way for people to get what they’re owed has been to basically make a big stink about it on Twitter
Some of those people up top have now been contacted for replacement products by the company, which has apologised although is yet to explain the issue.

So well done, internet. You’ve brought justice to the people and exposed Kylie Cosmetics once again.
Now, for justice from the main boss.

Source: MTV.
Photo: Twitter / @btaylorbeauty.