Um, Excuse Us But Too Faced Just Quietly Dropped A V. Necessary Unicorn Brush

You know what trend I’m embarrassed to admit I still love to death and back? UNICORN SHIT. I fucking die for the glittery rainbow unicorn trend. Give it to me. Make everything unicorn. Except my food, it weirds me out to eat rainbows.

But all other things, please douse in glitter particles and make them blindingly fluorescent and rainbow.

Too Faced announced this squeal-worthy makeup line a little while back:

And now it’s finally starting to drop in stores. It is EXCELLENT. The most excellent part? This highlighter brush.

I have no need for this brush. I don’t highlight. However, I must immediately have it – Donna Meagle, Parks & Rec “Treat Yo’Self” style.

It’s not on the Aussie Mecca site as yet, but you can bet your sweet bippy it’ll land on Aussie shores soon if past Too Faced launches are anything to go by.

However, you know what IS on Mecca? This insane highlighter. HOW DID I MISS THIS. I’M LITERALLY ON THAT SITE HOURLY.

Ummmm hello magical highlighter. I will never, ever use you, I will simply gaze at you with love and adoration.