Ya girl Flex Mami is back at it again, and has gone in with Nasty Gal for another edit. Once again she’s prioritised interesting, fashion-forward, and affordable pieces for an extensive range of sizes, in a time when not many other labels are doing just that.

Flex took time to have a chat with PEDESTRIAN.TV about her second edit with the shit-hot fashion retailer, which features a heap of pieces that range from size 6 to 28. Considering her last edit sold out ridiculously quick, it’s unsurprising Nasty Gal got her back for a second round.

flex mami nasty gal

A self-confessed Nasty Gal stan, Flex said that doing her first edit with Nasty Gal was an “easy yes” after being in a one-sided loving relationship with the brand. Through the collab, Flex found she was able to live out her dream of doing a fashion line without having to go it alone.

I have loved the idea of making a fashion range until I went into product-based businesses and realised how expensive it is to do that on your own,” she said.

“So I vowed to myself that I would not do that unless it was with somebody else’s supply chain. It’s honestly such a risky and unsafe business move especially because I would be making clothes that extend to a plus size range. That’s a lot of money for trial and error, so it’s something I’d still like to do, but I’m just too smart to do it on my own.”

flex mami nasty gal

Clothing for larger sizes has typically always come in the one lane: big, neutral, shapeless. With this new edit, Flex is determined to remind extended sized people that they’re allowed to feel sexy, fun, and on-trend.

“I really wanted an edit that was interesting,” she said.

“I wanted to show people that you can wear interesting clothes all the time – it can be casual, it can be dressy, it can be occasion wear, so that was a key focus.

“I also feel like generally plus size clothes are just ugly, like big sacks of neutral clothing – so boring! So, I wanted to be able to provide a range that was fashionable and had extended sizes – and we did that.”

Out of the whole range – which features 20 pieces that Flex would happily chuck in her own wardrobe, and I daresay she has – she loves the zebra two-piece set the most.

She told us she finds it looks rare and expensive, and like something she’s found in a designer’s collection – something she believes should challenge our perceptions of fast fashion and the way we should be treating it.

“I think the way we have been socialised to view fast fashion is really gawdy, really temporary, really trendy pieces that don’t have longevity,” she said.

“Therefore they shouldn’t be constructed well, or they shouldn’t have any value, which is just a backwards way of thinking about who you consume.

“I think if people were able to see how fast fashion can be styled in a way that transcends its bad reputation, people would be more likely to be consuming it more intentionally – baby steps though.”

Flex Mami’s second edit collection is now live on the Nasty Gal website, ready for you to refresh your wardrobe.

Image: Supplied