Nasty Gal is doing a no-bullshit 60% off sale on everything today, including sale items. Good LORD.

That’s sixty per cent off dresses, tops, bodysuits, loungewear, playsuits, jumpsuits, jeans, denim, coats and jackets, nightwear, shoes, accessories, and the Nasty Gal x Emma Louise Connolly collection. Nasty Gal has even put together a whole Working From Home category, which I have already aggressively clicked on. Also, the Casual Wear category.

Behold, the Jogger and Sweat Set for $33.60. It was 84 bucks.

Jogger and Sweat Set

Need a bit of colour? BAM. Was $120, it’s now $48.

Slow Down Jumper and Wide-Leg Pant Lounge Set

Hiii, this looks ridiculously comfortable. I just want to mush my face into it. Was $67, now $26.80.

Zip or Miss Faux Shearling Cropped Jumper

I know I’ve chucked a bit of WFH gear at you so here’s a couple of ~ real ~ outfits. Like clothes you would wear… outside… in the real world.

FLARE PANTS. Yours for $24.

Handle With Flare Leopard High-Waisted Pants

SHOES. These will set you back $38.40, down from $96.

Taking Flare of Business Croc Heeled Boots (faux leather)

COAT. I miss wearing my big winter jackets / coats. This baby will cost you $79, down from $168.

What Wool You Do Faux Wool Longline Coat

It’s a bloody May mayhem, tell ya what.

Shop all the good stuff on Nasty Gal.

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Image: Instagram / @nastygal via @maggie_mccormack