Sweet Jesus and Mother Mary, the holy day is upon us. Em Rata has only just gone and dropped the collection of 2020 in collaboration with Nasty Gal. Yes, people. Nasty Gal Ft EMRATA is here and it’s got us quivering. 

Those with their finger on the pulse will already know that this is the second collaboration between the model/actress and beloved fashion brand. The partnership is like a match made in heaven, with everyone involved sharing a mutual obsession with body positivity and female empowerment. If taking a cheeky risk and unapologetically being your sexiest self is your jam, you’ll be draping yourself in this collab. 

Em Rata

The world has come to love Em Rata cause she’s not afraid to tell it like it is – and this collection is absolutely no exception (look no further than the zebra print hat and matching dress if you don’t believe me). From sexy satin crop tops to a blessed pair of black jeans I’ll be living in till further notice – this collection has it all. It’s the perfect combo of fun, sexy and carefree and it’s crying out to be styled in a million and one different ways. 

Prices start at  $27 and go up to $305 with sizes between AUS 4-24. As for themes, the colour purple is a big mood here and there’s a pair of thigh high diamante boots that just look like they’d know a good time. Other pieces have 80’s style shoulder pads and embellished pieces that’ll light you up like the night sky. 

In a recent interview with Nasty Gal on the exclusive collection, Emily explained her own relationship with fashion and how it inspired the line.

Em Rata

I feel like fashion can be a wonderful celebration of yourself! Choosing what you want to wear on a given day is such an empowering, exciting feeling. I love playing dress up and I think we all need to remember that fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It should be fun!” 

There’s no denying that this collection is the definition of fun. So fun it fact, that I’ll happily let it destroy my chances of cracking the property market. Hey, when you’re wearing diamante studded boots, who cares? 

Wild Streak Zebra Blazer Dress ($45.00) 

Take The Lead Faux Leather Coat ($70.00)

Power Through Cropped Blazer ($35.00)

Part-Time Lover Cut-Out Bodysuit ($15.00)

Let’s Split Straight-Leg Jeans ($30.00)

Heartbreak City One Shoulder Satin Dress ($25.00)

Nasty Gal ft. EMRATA is available now exclusively on NastyGal.com

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