Wild Beauty Stuff For Splendour In The Grass That’ll Make You A Human Unicorn

If there’s one time you can go absolutely nuts with makeup/hair experimentation, it’s during festival season. Sure, you *could* wear glitter all over your chest and stars in your hair everyday if you wanted to, but for most of us that reality doesn’t tie in with a) our level of effort each morning and b) our office/school culture.

Festival time, though? That’s primo “whip out the coloured hair spray” areas, friends. Here are some epic ~lewks~ I endorse for festival time.


There has never been a better time to stick jewels all over your faces, and the bonus is this is a) easy as shit to reproduce, given so many brands make DIY sets with every stick-on jewel you’d need, and b) easy even if you’re a total beauty rookie.

Alternatively, you can achieve a similar vibe by using eyelash glue to stick glitter around your temples (never go close to your eye though!).

TRY: The Gypsy Shrine Iridescent Candy Kiss, $20, Sportsgirl Glitterati in Rainbow, $7.95.


Spice up your sweat-proof plaits and braids with hair rings. Sure, they’ll take a while to get into your style but the payoff is that they look like jewellery for your hair – aka amazing.

TRY: Showpo Kings and Queens Hair Rings, $6.95, ASOS Pack of 20 Gold Hair Rings, $12



You know what’s easier and also looks way better than coating your entire head in temporary hair colour? Adding highlights. Choose one that lasts a few days and you’re in business for the entire festival.

TRY: L’oreal Paris Colorista Washout Aqua Hair Colour, $16.45



Way less practical than face makeup and hair stuff, but hey – PRIMO Instagram ops, right? You can get these done in a salon for maximum longevity, but if you want a cheaper option, try stick ons – there are tons of actually cool ones out there these days.

TRY: Sportsgirl Stick On Nails in Rainbow Unicorn, $9.95, House Of Holland Elegant Touch Americana-Na, $30


Think less “slap it on wherever the glitter may fly” and more tactical painting. If you’re game, paint your boobs and go bra-free, or make like the dude above and painstakingly make a glitter artwork on your torso. You can also make easy tattoo stencils by cutting a shape into cardboard, painting the area with eyelash glue and then patting on glitter.

TRY: PrettyLittleThing Stargazer Chunky Holographic Glitter, $6.60, Showpo Confetti Sparkles in Rainbow Kaleidoscope, $8.95


Coloured eyebrows are a way to embrace festival makeup without getting an itchy face from all that body glitter. They’re also a cinch to do.

TRY: Benefit 3D Browtones in Blue, $42



You’d think a wig on a long, sweaty day would be a nightmare, but actually when you’re at day #3 and your hair is a literal birds nest, it’s a lifesaver. Plus, you can buy cheap ones that still look epic these days.

TRY: Showpo Katy Wig, $44.95



Forget the usual colour spectrum of nude/red/pink/coral and go for a crazy, matte hue like bright purple, teal, or gold.

TRY: Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink in Creator, $19.95, L’Oreal Paris x Balmain Colour Riche Lipstick in Balmain Instinct, $17.46



For something OTT but not as OTT as, say, glitter boobs – use a highlighter in a nuts colour like purple or unicorn-level rainbow.

TRY: Too Faced Life’s A Festival Rainbow Strobe Highlighter, $44, Models Prefer Daybreak Ombre Highlighter, $16.99