Say Bye To Staining All Your Clothes Bc Fake Tan Drying Powder Is Here To Save You

If you’re obsessed with fake tan, it’s likely you have all the neat tools – the back applicator, the tanning bed sheets, the fancy ergonomic mitts, and so on. But there’s one you *may* not be aware exists – fake tan drying powder.

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Basically, fake tan drying powder works as a way to wear your fake tan through the day (or the night, if you’re like me) without that gross stickiness.

Tanzee Fairy Dust, $24.99

You apply your fake tan, then pat on the powder to “set” it. It’s less about making the tan work better, and more about keeping it off your bedsheets and clothing.

GlowDry Starter Kit, $58

As someone who doesn’t ever wear fake tan in the day, but still hates how it makes me feel sticky on hot summer nights, this is a GOD send. There are three brands as far as I can tell that ship/are from Australia – Tanzee, GlowDry and Miss By Minx. All are vegan friendly, and some are fragrance free (my absolute jam).

Miss By Minx Tan Dry Setting Powder, $50

Hooray for my non-sticky summer body that doesn’t leave brown streaks on all my nice white PJs.