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Bio Oil is one of those bathroom skincare staples for me – I don’t use it daily, but when I remember to use it GODDAMN is it a good time.

I remember reading an interview like a bazillion stale years ago where Jessica Hart said she mixed the oil in with her moisturiser every day, and then I did it too. It was all very:

Anyway, I do this whenever my skin feels particularly dry or when I notice my stretch marks again – in case you’re not across, Bio Oil has been the go-to for pregnant people for yonks, they rub the stuff all over their growing bellies to keep skin supple (grossest word), avoiding stretch marks and helping the skin to zing back after the giant baby comes out. I feel ill thinking about the logistics of birth, so let’s move on.

Bio Oil announced today that they’re launching their first new product in 30 years. These guys have literally made bank off ONE single product, which is pretty impressive. Like you know you’ve got the good shit when your one product makes you a global sensation, no?

The new product, which I’m yet to try, is Dry Skin Gel. The premise is this – it’s based on oil, not water, because according to the brand most of the water in your usual lotions evaporates when it comes into contact with skin, meaning it does jack shit for you.

Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel, $24.95

It’s not going to be for everyone – I know folks who aren’t Bio Oil fans and that’s fine. But if you’re a longtime user of the OG oil like me, I’m fairly sure you’re doing a little excited shimmy right now, because this means we don’t have to shake oil into our hands and mix it into our moisturiser anymore – this is basically the IRL product of what I’ve been doing manually for years (and making a nice mess in the process).

The Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel comes in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes, and it’s available pretty much everywhere you usually shop for the OG Bio Oil.