We Went On A Quest To Find The Most-Loved Aus Beauty Brands For You To Stock Yr Shelves With

Australian Beauty Brands
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As someone who has worked in the beauty industry for almost 10 years now, I’ve tried a lot of products. You name it, and I’ve probably slathered it on my skin, buffed it into my cheeks or sprawled it across my eyes. So when I tell you that Australian beauty brands are up there with the best and most bougie, you can trust me.

I’ve got a complete mental inventory of products to pull from, so I figured it was time to give back and share the most-loved Australian beauty brands I’ve found in my travels. You’ve got tongue-in-cheek brands like Go-To, tbh Skincare and Frank Body, as well as instant cult classics like Ultra Violette, Biologi and Bread Beauty Supply.

Plus, I’ve popped in a few cheeky picks from our mates across the pond in New Zealand because they do damn good beauty too.

Ahead is a guide to the Australian and New Zealand beauty brands that are worthy of space in your bathroom cupboard.

The Best Australian Beauty Brands

Ere Perez

Australian beauty brands

Ere Perez is an Aussie beauty brand that uses science-backed ingredients, plant-based botanicals and superfoods to create products that are good for both you and the planet.

You can shop Ere Perez here.

Boost Lab

If you’re looking to level up your skincare routine or just stock up on those much-loved empties, Aussie-born serum brand Boost Lab is one of our fave local skincare brands on the block. Each serum is dermatologically-tested and designed to counter a range of skin concerns.

Starting at $29.95 for a single and $49.95 for a double-pack, they also offer a super affordable and accessible price point. You can even nab a cheeky 20% off with the code ‘SPRING20’ on any single serum purchase if you get in before the end of hay fever szn.

You can shop Boost Lab here.


Known for its cult-favourite lip balms, Aussie skincare brand Lanolips uses lanolin as its hero ingredient to hydrate and heal skin in the most natural way possible. Since lanolin is a deeply moisturising oil, they’ve also formulated it for skincare, too.

You can shop Lanolips here.

Vida Glow

Having just launched in Sephora Australia this week, natural Aussie collagen brand Vida Glow offers a range of products that’ll allow you to start your beauty routine from the inside out. Some of their major best-sellers include the natural marine collagen blueberry sachets, the radiance and hairology capsules, and their age-defiance range.

You can shop Vida Glow here.

Salt by Hendrix

Every Salt by Hendrix product from the Mermaid Oil through to the Body Scrub is worthy of a place in your skincare routine. If you ascribe to TikTok’s clean girl aesthetic, you’ll be happy to know that Salt by Hendrix uses sustainably and ethically sourced certified organic ingredients.

You can shop Salt By Hendrix here.

Go-To Skincare

Australian beauty brands

It’s likely Go-To Skincare needs no introduction. Founded by Zoë Foster Blake, the Aussie skincare brand is all about simple and effective formulas. It’s fun, quirky and caters to a wide range of skin concerns.

You can shop Go To Skincare here.


Born right here on the Gold Coast, Alpha-H is known for its cult-favourite formulas that target everything from breakouts and pigmentation to dullness and ageing.

You can shop Alpha H here.

The Jojoba Company

Australian beauty brands

If you’re looking for a solid skincare all-in-one, look no further than Aussie brand The Jojoba Company’s cult-famous lightweight oil. This little baby can be used to balance and soothe skin irritations, as a makeup remover and as an everyday moisturiser.

Shop the Jojoba Company here.


Australian beauty brands

After developing a cult following thanks to their vitamin and supplement ranges, popular Aussie brand JS Health recently made their foray into the skincare and haircare game. Both ranges are infused with the high-quality vitamins and botanical actives you know and love from their wellness range only now your skin and hair can enjoy them too.

Shop JSHealth here.

Frank Body

Ah, the Aussie skincare company that took over showers everywhere, Frank Body. The majority of us have probably already gotten down and dirty with Frank. Born in a coffee shop down in Melbourne, Frank’s hero product is an all-natural coffee scrub that removes dry, dead skin cells, fades stretch marks, reduces cellulite and minimises breakouts.

Shop Frank Body here. 

The Beauty Chef

Known for its skin-loving powders and elixirs, The Beauty Chef is taking over fridges everywhere. Each formula works from the inside to help tackle a range of skin concerns like eczema, allergies and rosacea.

Shop The Beauty Chef here.


Australian beauty brands

Of course one of the best clean, natural skincare brands was born in Byron Bay. Biologi offers a range of supercharged serums that are made from 100% active, plant phytonutrients, so your skin is only getting the good stuff. Biologi’s formulas are also known for healing a range of skin concerns and contain ingredients like mountain pepper berry, soapberry, blood red finger lime, finger lime, davidson plum, kakadu plum, and more.

Shop Biologi here. 

Emma Lewisham

While Emma Lewisham is relatively new to the skincare game, it has really taken skincare shelves by store. The Aussie brand focuses on creating luxurious skincare that is scientifically proven and 100% natural.

Shop Emma Lewisham here.

Ultra Violette

Australian beauty brands

Born out of the need for next-generation sunscreen formulas, Ultra Violette instantly became a staple in almost every beauty-lovers makeup bag. Every formula not only protects you from UV rays but also plays well under makeup. So really, you don’t have any excuse not to be wearing sunscreen.

Shop Ultra Violette here.


Bread Beauty Supply is all about giving you the whole bread basket (read: the essentials) to a good hair day every day, especially if you have curly, coily hair. Their famed Kit 1 is described as the full bread basket, the starting point. It’s loaded with everything you need for a routine clean. Then they have other products to layer (and layover) between showers, like hair oil (think of it like lip gloss for your hair) and hair creams that double as leave-in conditioning and styling products.

Shop bread here. 

Bangn’ Body

Australian beauty brands

Ahh, Bangn’ Body, the little yellow tube that pulled a Kim K and broke the internet. There was a time when you couldn’t go on social media without seeing an influencer lathering themselves in the pineapple-smelling firming lotion. Since then, they’ve also expanded their range to include a bunch of equally as sweet skincare.

Shop Bangn’ Body here.

Eye of Horus

Australian beauty brands

Made famous by their best-selling mascara, the Byron-based brand Eye of Hours swiftly became a staple in beauty bags around Aus. Eye of Horus is a luxury, cruelty-free makeup brand that offers high-quality makeup that’s better for both you and the environment.

Shop Eye of Horus here.

tbh Skincare

While tbh Skincare only started lining shelves a few years ago, its products fast became everyone’s easy and affordable way to treat acne. Plus, the bottles look super cute lining your shelves.

Shop tbh Skincare here. 

Hey Bud

Rumoured to have waitlists spanning in the thousands, Hey Bud Skincare is the home of the hemp-powered beauty products that are taking over people’s bathroom cabinets. They’ve managed to hero hemp in just about everything from face masks and oils to eye creams and serums.

Shop Hey Bud Skincare here.

Tribe Skincare

Australian beauty brands

This one is for all of our sensitive skin girlies. The tribe Skincare range is super gentle on sensitive skin and packed with natural anti-inflammatories, so it won’t cause any flare-ups.

Shop Tribe Skincare here.