This Girl’s Leg Proves That Fake Tan And Activewear Are A Diabolical Mix

Life lessons come in many shapes and sizes. It only takes one night of hurling out a taxi window to put you off tequila for the rest of your days, and it only takes one innocent activewear decision to make a gal never look at fake tan the same way.

I’m talking about Twitter user @Evemallonxx, who made the completely understandable error of applying fake tan and then heading to the gym in her Adidas-branded leggings.

She probably wasn’t expecting to end up as a walking advertisement for the sportswear company, but uhh, that is definitely what happened.

The surprise tan-branding isn’t the first of its kind – at least one other tan fan shared their own Adidas leg:

And while some took the opportunity to be kinda condescending about it:

Plenty of others are seeing the potential in temporary sportswear tan tattoos:

Including Adidas themselves, who tweeted the following shout out:

And then remained conspicuously silent on the free stuff front.

Don’t worry, @Evemallonxx; Nike‘s gonna be sliding into your DMs any minute, guarantee it (in about a week, after your sick temp tatt has faded).

Everyone else, keep your eye out for fake tan stencils by Lorna Jane, because they are definitely coming for all of us. There’ll be nary an unadorned leg to be spotted on Bondi this summer, mark my words.