PSA: Fake Tan Drying Powder Now Exists If Your Sheets Constantly Look Like A Mild Crime Scene

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2020 may have been a real dog but summer is almost here which surely counts for something. Given we’ve spent so long in tracksuits they’ve probably grafted to our skin, you might’ve had a rude shock when you removed the dacks and noticed your legs look more like milk bottles than limbs. The only solution is fake tan but oh, the hassle. The marinating, the ruined sheets, the song and dance of it all. 

Enter GlowDry. The all-Aussie product that’s making your streaky trail of destruction a thing of the past. Let me count the ways this fake tanning product is superior – starting with who made it. GlowDry has been developed by a professional spray tan technician so you know it’s the real McCoy. Basically, it’s a powder that you apply over your fake tan – so you apply your mousse or cream as usual and brush this fairy dust over the top. 

Obviously the biggest selling point is that it dries instantly on your skin. No, we’re not teasing. This bad boy has been formulated with key absorbing ingredients which dry and set your tan until you rinse. There’s honestly nothing worse than your housemates yelling at you cause you’ve left fake tan on the toilet seat, the chairs and anywhere else one might perch. GlowDry earned its name because it dries as soon as it’s slapped on and locks your tan on.  

Image: GlowDry

Another thing we love? It doesn’t smell. Yep, you can rid yourself of that offensive fake tanning stench that signifies to everyone within a 10km radius that you’ve applied a copious amount of bronzer to your bod. There’s no shame in the fake tan game but it’d be nice if our shimmery glow could be misconstrued as natural for once. Like ‘yeah I could totally have got this bronze from basking gracefully at Bondi beach instead of getting down on all fours in my bathroom on a Tuesday night’ kind of vibes. But given that it’s 2020 and sun safety is sexy, we’d sooner fake tan any day than lay under the sun for hours on end. If you’re fanging for the beach though, GlowDry also features a light beachy scent to further add to the illusion – they really have thought of everything. 

With the weather warming up and the sweet promise of mango season, we know that summer will soon grace us. We also know some drongo is going to throw an impromptu pool party – it happens every year folks, don’t try and fight it. Fear not though, because 2020 will finally be the year you can rock up to said party with a stupidly beautiful tan that looks so natural it should be illegal. 

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