Even Malcolm Turnbull Has No Time For Sonia Kruger’s Trump-Like Bullshit

If the Libs are telling you that your position is a bit too xenophobic you should probably take some time out to rethink your shit.
Media personality (whatever the hell that means) and former ‘Dancing With The Stars‘ co-host Sonia Kruger has been deep in the shit over some Trump-level opinions she decided to express this morning on ‘Today‘.

Kruger suggested we need a complete ban on Muslim immigration (literally about a fifth of the population of the planet), regurgitating an article by Andrew Bolt that suggested that countries like Japan that are more ‘racially homogenous’ are more peaceful..
She then hilariously came to her own defence saying that she should be able to be a tad racist on account of she’s got kids. Nice:

In his cabinet announcement press conference today Malcolm Turnbull got asked about Kruger’s comments, which he dismissed:

Good to know our policy isn’t being dictated by reality TV show hosts and we won’t be checking for Qurans at the airport anytime soon. 
Hard to imagine this will go down super well with the more conservative fans of the Coalition who already reckon Turnbull’s too soft.

Photo: Getty Images / Stefan Postles.