IT’S HAPPENING: Sonia Kruger To Return As Host Of The New ‘Big Brother’

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Well then, just when we thought that Big Brother host alumni Sonia Kruger had been ruled out of hosting the upcoming series, tonight’s surprise announcement has revealed otherwise: Kruger is the official host of Big Brother 2020. (What a rollercoaster of emotions  we’ve been on already. Hoo boy.)

Big Brother Australia poured a whole heap of tea tonight and, well, it looks like we’re ready to rumble.

“Housemates have been selected,” the show confirmed, “and are ready to play in a house full of surprises on the edge of the world.”

“New house tasks, new house challenges, unlike anything Australia has seen before.”

Check out the teaser below.

“The game has changed.” That part gave low-key gave me shivers. (I also just turned on my air-con 5 minutes ago, but I’m pretty sure it was that quote.)

Kruger confirmed her participation in the upcoming series, reposting the teaser alongside the caption, “we meet again.” She’ll be returning to the gig after hosting between 2012-2014.

Yes, a lot of us were hoping to see Gretel‘s face pop up on the screen. Either way, I’m still bloody excited to see what’s in store. Take it away Sara-Marie.