Returning ‘Big Brother’ Host Sonia Kruger Shares Spicy Deets About The “Completely New” Show

ICYMI: Aussie television personality Sonia Kruger has been confirmed as the host of the revamped Big Brother.

The morning show host confirmed the news last night on Instagram, ending months of speculation (soz Gretel </3).

Sonia just appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show where she discussed what we can expect from the new-and-improved reality series.

“Before The Olympics we’ll be shooting Big Brother which I can’t wait to start because from what I’ve been told, and unfortunately I can’t tell you a lot, but it’s going to be completely new, contemporary,” Sonia revealed.

Big Brother had its 20th anniversary last year, so people back then they were happy to watch people in the kitchen making a sandwich,” she continued. “But audiences today want a bit more and I think what we’re going to give them will be that plus some.”

Kruger has a lotta experience with the show, having been the host during its Channel Nine incarnation.

While she couldn’t divulge an exact air date, she did reveal that they’ll start filming v. soon.

She went on to say that she didn’t find out she’d been cast as the host until the very last minute.

“I know everyone was kind of speculating about it but it actually wasn’t part of why I was going to Seven,” Sonia revealed.

“I was going back to Seven to do AGT [Australia’s Got Talent] and to judge on that… But also to do lots of other stuff with Seven because they’ve got The Olympics happening this year and it’s going to be really the place to be.”

She added, “Literally like last week they said to me you know, we want you to host Big Brother and you could have knocked me over with a feather because I know that there were a lot of people in the mix.”

Bring it on, bbs.