Given the fact that the original house is fairly unusable nowadays due to the fact that it casually burned down back in June, it’s seemed fairly unlikely that the planned reboot of Big Brother would be returning to the Gold Coast ever since Channel Seven confirmed they’d be bringing the show back in 2020. And ever since production company Endemol Shine ruled it out, the speculation as to where the series would land has been rampant. Well worry no more, folks! Not only has the city where filming will take place been locked in, but the exact location has been pegged, according to reports.

It would appear that the new version of the show will be filmed in Sydney, at the North Head Sanctuary precinct in Manly.

According to industry whisper sheet TV Blackbox, the show will be filmed at the Barracks facility at the Sanctuary, likely in one of two cavernous warehouse-like facilities.

It’s been known for a while that this version of the show – officially titled Big Brother: Revolution – will be a little different to the one that Australian audiences are familiar with.

Along with the tropical Gold Coast location and accompanying poolside abode, the public phone-in voting system is reportedly being abandoned in the new version, as are the live broadcasts.

Instead, the show will be something closer to Survivor in a warehouse, with a custom-built house set to be built inside the warehouse facility. The show will be pre-taped and cut together by production staff for air, and housemates will have to vote each other out of the show.

It’s believed that producers are in the final stages of casting the series, which will likely begin filming at some point early in the new year.

It seems unlikely that Sonia Kruger will return to host the show, despite jumping ship from Nine to Seven. Kruger will serve as a judge on the next season of Australia’s Got Talent instead. Seven has not provided any confirmation on who will host Big Brother at this stage.

So there you go. It’s Big Brother. Filmed in a warehouse in Sydney. Not broadcast live. No public vote. And god knows what other tweaks.

Just bring back Hotdogs you cowards. Keep some sort of link to the past alive.