Dr. Martens Has Released A Crap-Tonne Of Sandals So You Can Get Your Tootsies Ready For Summer

I think most fans would agree that Dr. Martens are not like any other fashion label. While others strive to be the new ‘in’, Docs have always been style for those who wanted ‘out’ — outside the every day, and outside of ‘normal’ — but, you know, still hot to trot.

Of course, the only problem for us Dr. Martens fans is that the boots were defo more of a winter thing, lest your foot melt in the Aussie summer heat. Well, problem solved, mates.

They’ve just dropped a crap-tonne of new sandals, in plenty of time to get your feet ready for summer. Any fans of the chunky sandal look will be absolutely frothing.

I’ve picked out a few of my faves, because why the heck not.

1. This chunky delight

This summer is set to be a big one, and you should be big as well. The ultra-thicc Voss Quad sandal is a good one to take you to those new heights (quite literally). They’d look awesome with a maxi dress or a pair of shorts.

2. This white knight

Dr. Martens

Ok sorry, but I’m obsessed with this white, strappy number. To me, these Blaire Hydro sandals in white scream summer, and outdoors, and effortlessly chic. They’re perfect for beach to bar days when you throw them on with your swimmers and an oversized shirt.

3. This classic

Dr. Martens

It’s hard to go past this subtle Dr. Martens twist on a classic summer sandal style. These Myles sandals are a little fun, super cool and will still go with absolutely everything you own. Try slipping them on with high socks and a thigh-length skirt for a bit of edge

4. This rad quad

Give yourself an injection of attitude with this chunky take on a classic. The Clarissa II Quad is the perfect set of tyres for hitting the pubs this summer. Not quite as thicc as the Voss Quad, but still thicc enough to flex on the plebs.

There also happens to be free shipping on orders over $150, so happy sandalling my fellow weirdos.