I’m Convinced That Doc Martens Are The Most Versatile Of All Shoes & Let Me Count The Ways

There’s arguably nothing better in this life than a versatile shoe. No, I’m not being dramatic, it really is life-changing to buy a pair of shoes that go with quite literally anything. My bank account won’t allow me to sustain the lifestyle where I have a matching pair of shoes for every ensemble so investing in some versatile kicks is the only way forward for me. And, unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw, I assume you’re in a similar position. 

The right pair of shoes has the power to make or break an outfit and when you get it right, my god it’s euphoric. So what kind of magical, all-knowing shoe am I rambling on about exactly? Doc Martens. 

Doc Martens

The Doc Marten is every shoe. It’s a dress shoe, casual shoe, fun shoe, summer shoe, winter shoe – you get the gist. Doc Martens have the unique ability to look great with anything and we bless them for that. Instead of drowning in a mountain of shoes that oddly all look the same, you can just pull out one damn pair of shoes that go with anything. Plus, they’ve been around for 60 years as of 2020 (Happy Birthday Doc!) so you know they’re doing something right.   

The best thing about Docs is that they’re all about styling them however the hell you want. If that sounds incredibly liberating, it’s because it is. There’s no right or wrong way to wear them and bolder is almost always better – it’s all about doing you. From a winter wedding in London to meandering the streets of Amsterdam in summer, there’s a pair of Doc Martens for every occasion from the mainstream to the obscure. Peep for yourself and start grabbing inspo to put your own spin on it. 

Classic & Contemporary

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Now this is a look. This is one of those outfits that seems really simple in essence but definitely turns heads. The hero? Doc Martens’ 1460 boot. Fun fact, this little baby turns 60 this year – I know, she doesn’t look a day over 25. That means we’ve been styling these bad boys for six decades and this look is definitive proof we haven’t run out of ways to make it pop.

Pairing the sleek 1460 boot with with a pair of frayed jeans is the perfect balance of edgy and sophisticated. The flannel shirt with a denim jacket over the top is an on-trend staple that never goes out of style and this outfit has struck just the right balance of colour contrasts. Throw a beanie over the top and you’ve nailed the chic streetwear look.

Alternative & Bold

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Whoever said you can’t wear socks with sandals had clearly forgotten how to dream, because this photo says otherwise. This outfit heroes Doc Martens Gryphon Brando sandals and it’s really taken them to another level.  

If you’re gonna go the sock and sandal look, you have to make sure the rest of your outfit is on point to match – it’s a bold look so every fine detail has to be thought out.

This outfit has been nailed for one simple reason. It has enough going on to make it really eye-catching without detracting from the main event.  The netball skirt is really doing it for me here. Pairing the shoes with something short and loose-fitting is definitely the right choice, cause you’re hardly gonna wear flares and cover up your masterpiece. Chuck on a cute crop (the hanging suspenders are a nice, edgy touch) and you’ve transformed the dad-on-holiday look into something aspirational. 

Keeping the entire outfit black and white monochrome is perfect for blending the shoes and socks in, but the yellow tinted sunnies really pull the whole outfit together for me. It’s the last piece of the puzzle in an outfit that really dances to the beat of its own drum. You could always pair this with black cat-eye sunnies if you’re keen to keep it cute on a more mellow level. 

Suave & Sophisticated

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One word springs to mind when I look at this outfit – suave. A chunky knitted jumper, long coat and dress pants paired with the Vintage 2976 Chelsea boots is a sight to behold. Whether you’re rugging up in colder months or attending an event where you wanna look spiffy without going full suit – this is a perfect outfit. 

The beauty of the boots is that they work with any colour. Here, they’ve been paired with neutrals and a camel coat, but they’d work just as well with black or even white pants as a contrast. 

Given their simplicity, these boots are begging to be paired with layers to add some dimension which is why the jumper and coat combo looks so good. When you have a pair of shoes that are simple, black and understated then you can really ramp up the rest of the outfit with layering and details. 

This outfit is the perfect way to let everyone know that you’ve dressed up for the occasion but that you’ve put your own spin on it too. We love nonconforming. 

Casual & Chic

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This is the kind of outfit that makes you want to reach into the screen, grab it and throw it on yourself. In essence, it’s a pretty simple look but all the pieces together are really something special. The monochrome black and white is working overtime and drawing your eyes to all the right places. 

Tbh, a white t-shirt and leather jacket is one of those things that’’ll never go out of style (thank you Danny Zucko). For an edgier look, it’s definitely worth investing in a leather jacket with bigger sleeves that you can scrunch up for more of an oversized look. Of course, black cropped jeans are a must – we love to see a little ankle breaking up the black and white colour scheme. 

Obviously though, the outfit is made whole by the 1461 Patent Doc that are so shiny, you’ll most definitely see the stunned faces of all your outfit admirers in them. Also just quietly, I’d never have thought to pair white ankle socks with patent black Docs but it’s really working? We love to see it. 

Unique & Tailored

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If I saw this dude swaggering down the streets of Newtown, I’d undoubtedly stop him and ask where he bought every item of clothing he’s wearing. Docs are known for inspiring edgy looks but this has struck gold with a combination of alternative and mainstream. It’s making me (someone very mainstream) want to throw out my entire wardrobe and reimagine it in a bold new light. 

It all starts with the 1461 Bex Doc Martens and a pair of black socks. If you’re going for a sleeker, cleaner look then black jeans are your best bet but if you’re keen to up the ante you could always opt for white as a stark contrast. When it comes to jean length, you could choose a cropped pair but I’m really vibing the longer jean turned up here – it gives the outfit a more polished finish. 

Up top, pair the look with a bold shirt and an oversized denim jacket. Given it’s all black everything from the waist down, you’ve got room to be more playful with the top half. This outfit really benefits from having a matching colour scheme for the shirt and jacket which ties it all together nicely. 

Dyeing your hair bright red is optional but strongly encouraged. 

Elegant & Edgy

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Picture this, you’ve just splurged on a maxi dress and it’s the stuff of your floaty dreams, but you’re not sure what shoes to match it with. Sure, you could go down the traditional route with a pair of mules or even some basic white sneakers – or you could do something totally left of field and lace up a pair of combat-style Doc Martens like these 1914 Smooth boots

It’s a bold move but it’s one that’s paying off in spades here. Given that both the dress and the boots are statement pieces – you don’t want them to be competing with one another, so it’s all about making sure they work in harmony. With this look for example, the black polka dots in the dress are complimenting the boots rather than clashing with them, so be mindful of the colour and pattern of your dress. 

If you’re keen to break it up a little, you can throw a belt around your middle to give the look a bit more shape. Finish it off by grabbing a mini black bag and a pair of dark sunnies and you’re guaranteed to turn heads.